‘Bite’ Official Music Video
Apple has released a music video for its new song "Bite" with Park. The collaborative music video is part of its "Make with an iPad" campaign, and a refreshing music video for Park's new song "Bite" has been produced with various creative apps, including iPad and Apple Pantle.
The music video visualizes the lyrics of "Bite," which contains Park's dreams and aspirations for music, with fantastic images. The production team invites viewers to the virtual world using an iPad and creative apps for various iPads. For this work, apps such as "Clip Studio Paint," an animation production app, and "Mental Canvas Draw," which allows users to create virtual spaces by placing pictures inside 3D spaces, were utilized, and much of the work was done on the iPad, from illustration work to animation and basic editing.

Style Frames
GIF Animations
Cell Animations

Client : Apple & Jay Park
Director : Kim Kyu Ha
Production : Planit
Drawing artist : Namon
Post Production : 4by4, 3pers (Kim Eun Kun)

My role : Intro animation & compositing

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