Next mobility : Kakao mobility's inaugural tech conference
NEMO 2022

Kakao Mobility Technology Day introduces future value technology and technology, 
which is Kakao Mobility's unique core competitiveness, and shares and delivers knowledge about future business directions. 

We produced a keynote video of Kakao Mobility's first tech conference "Next Mobility: Square 2022."
Through TECH, LIFE, and FUTURE respective gates, we expressed the direction of Kakao Mobility that we want to go to the future.

Conference Promotion

Promotion teaser



Client : Kakao
Agency : Amberin
Project PM : Kim eun-gun

Graphic Artist : Lee sang-hee
                        Cha seung-hyeon
                        Kim eun-gun

3D artist : Kim yong-hoon  
                 Kang ho-il 

Sound : Park Woong-seo

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